Strong performance with clean paddocks

Using Roundup Ready I feel like I’m maximising the genetics of what are the top yielding canola varieties in our area.

Ed, Hilsdon, Shelford, Victoria.

Killing harder to control grass weeds

Being able to introduce the Roundup Ready is really important as its getting harder and harder to kill grass weeds in wheat and barley crops. Do being able to implement canola into the program is really helping to kill some of these weeds and get on top of them.

Tristan, Storer, Koorda, Western Australia.

Why Roundup Ready?

Roundup Ready canola provides growers with a superior weed control system and is a highly effective tool when utilised within an overall Integrated Weed Management system.

Take Control of your weeds by:

  • Using an alternative post emergent herbicide group and in a different use pattern (Group M)
  • Rotating herbicide groups and reducing reliance on Group A & B chemistry
  • Using a herbicide which has no residual carry-over into following crops, excluding Roundup Ready Triazine tolerant varieties
  • Sowing Roundup Ready hybrid varieties which have excellent early vigour to assist early season weed competition