A chance to move beyond this unfortunate legal dispute

Monsanto Australia’s Managing Director, Daniel Kruithoff, said yesterday that the unfortunate legal dispute between Steve Marsh and Michael Baxter has been difficult for the families and communities involved.

“For all of us involved with Australian agriculture and passionate about our farmers, it has been regrettable to see neighbours and friends end up in court. We hope that disputes like this can be avoided in the future through different farming sectors working closely together along with good crop management practices.

“The Court’s decision is a chance to move beyond this unfortunate legal dispute. The decision reaffirms a farmer’s right to choose how they grow their crops and that organic, conventional and GM crops can be successfully grown side-by-side in Australia. Local farmers have always relied upon innovation and cooperation to improve their competitiveness and sustainability and we should continue to encourage this.

“We have not seen the details of the Court’s decision so we are not in a position to provide any further comments on the decision at this stage.

“Monsanto will continue to work with its customers, farm sector representatives and relevant authorities to ensure that our technology is well managed and can be used alongside other production systems.

“There is every reason to be optimistic about Australian agriculture’s prospects. The different production systems and technology used by our farmers will continue to strengthen our global reputation as producers of high quality, clean and green produce,” Daniel said.