Farmers Urged To Protect Their Right to Plant GM Crops

The State Government intends to scrap an Act of Parliament that could be used to stop growers planting GM canola. The State Opposition recently said it would ban GM canola if it wins the next state election in March 2017.

WA agricultural and farmer bodies including the Pastoralists & Graziers Association (PGA) and the WA Farmers Federation (WAFarmers) are supporting the State Government’s efforts to allow farmers to continue to choose GM canola.

The PGA is urging industry and farmers to support GM canola in WA before it is possibly banned (Click here to read the article). WAFarmers is also calling on the government to act quickly to ensure growers can continue to access the technology (Click here to read more).

WA growers have rapidly adopted GM canola since it was approved and in the current season will plant the largest-ever GM canola crop in Australia. Nearly 40% of the state’s canola growers now plant GM varieties and 30% of the state’s canola crop this season will be GM.

Monsanto supports local industry and farmer efforts to protect farmer choice and allow farmers to continue to choose the production system that best suits them.

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