Profitable weed control

Roundup Ready canola gives you superior weed control, excellent crop safety and the ability to maximise your yield potential.

One of the most recognised benefits of Roundup Ready canola is the flexibility and powerful weed control it provides. You can sow on time, every time with Roundup Ready canola and only commit to controlling weeds when they appear. There’s no worrying about timely incorporation of herbicides associated with other canola systems. For Roundup Ready canola pricing, see below.

Roundup Ready canola is the first choice for zero till farmers that want to get on with the job – no mess, no fuss, just plant the seed and come back when the rains appear with the unbeatable knockdown power of Roundup Ready herbicide with PLANTSHIELD®.

How does Roundup Ready canola work?

Roundup Ready plants, such as Roundup Ready canola, feature two genes making them tolerant to glyphosate applications. CP4 and GOX, have been inserted into Roundup Ready canola by Monsanto, using gene technology, and allow the Roundup Ready plant to breakdown glyphosate and continue to produce plant proteins.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, blocks specific enzymes (EPSPS) essential for amino acid production. Amino acids are the building blocks for plant proteins, hence, when amino acids in non-Roundup Ready plants are blocked (by Roundup Ready herbicides) the plant dies.


There is just one simple fee for your Roundup Ready canola technology, making it easier to manage your profits. You will only pay $7.20 (ex GST) per kilogram for Roundup Ready canola technology, which will be invoiced by your Technology Service Provider (TSP) at the point of purchase.

Use the value calculator to see how you could be better off with Roundup Ready canola.

Plus, this season if your Roundup Ready canola crop needs to be replanted*, Monsanto will waive the technology fee on the seed purchased for replanting.

*Subject to verification