Why Roundup Ready® canola?

Giving more growers greater weed control

Roundup Ready® canola will make up 23 per cent of this years canola crop, as Genetically Modified (GM) varieties play a strategic role in boosting the productivity and efficiency of farmland.

Roundup Ready canola will comprise over 447,000 hectares of this year’s crop, up from more than 436,000 hectares last year. Over 1000 farmers will plant GM varieties around Australia this season, including more than 180 growers planting for the first time.

Interested in growing Roundup Ready canola? Book a time to complete your accreditation – it only needs to be completed once before you take delivery of seed.

We asked a few growers why they Roundup Ready canola, here’s their response:

Brendan I'anson - Rand, NSW - Roundup Ready canola growerBrendan I’anson – Rand, NSW

Brendan and his wife Tania grow 300ha of canola, 320ha of wheat, 100ha of barley and 120ha of lupins on their property in Rand, NSW.

“ Herbicide resistance is something we need to learn to live with and keep rotating chemicals around. Ryegrass was starting to dictate what I could sow and what I could do, so Roundup Ready technology helped me put it back in its box.

Roundup Ready canola gave us that fit where we had a different chemical mix in-crop, and we could also use hybrids in the system, which I consider to be a bonus.”

Neil Vallance - Lake Bolac, VIC - Roundup Ready canola growerNeil Vallance – Lake Bolac, VIC

The Vallance family manage 1,100ha of canola, 700ha of wheat, 400ha of barley and 60ha of oats on their Lake Bolac property in Victoria.

“ 2013 was one of our best ever canola years – we averaged 2.7t/ha across all canola with V5002RR sown over 100ha averaging 3.5t/ha, Triazine Tolerant canola averaged 2.6–2.7t/ha and the Clearfield varieties were in between. The oil content was about the same across all varieties – 42–44 percent. The Roundup Ready canola performed well in weed control. We had good clean paddocks coming into harvest, and it’s given us the option to sow early.”

John Stone - Borden, WA - Roundup Ready canola growerJohn Stone – Borden, WA

John and his wife Kerry have a 5,400ha property in Borden, Western Australia. They crop 1,500ha of wheat, 500ha of barley, 500ha of field peas, 800ha of canola and 400ha of lupins.

“ We’re trying to protect the use of Select® into our legume crops, particularly in the field peas and lupins. We were struggling with it to be a viable chemical, so we had to diversify. Wheat crops coming out of Roundup Ready canola are cleaner. I definitely recommend trying it. It’s worth putting a foot in the door, because you’re going to have to use it one day.”