More and more hybrid varieties are available to suit your farm

A large range of broadly adapted Roundup Ready canola hybrid varieties are available for sowing from different seed companies. The varieties available cover a range of maturities, rainfall zones and offer different blackleg resistance ratings to ensure there is variety suited to your farming environment.

Take a look at our Roundup Ready canola variety comparison tool and compare different variety options from different herbicide systems.

For further information on the hybrid varieties available in 2018 visit Varieties

RR vs TT yield

Roundup Ready hybrid varieties are extremely high yielding and offer a high oil content, in addition to providing a superior weed control system.

Roundup Ready hybrid varieties consistently demonstrate an approximate 200kg/ha yield advantage over triazine tolerant (TT) varieties based on Australian NVT results.

Roundup Ready hybrid varieties also provide very high oil contents, on average providing an approximate 1% advantage over TT varieties.

When yield, oil and the weed control benefits of Roundup Ready are considered, the system is highly profitable and sustainable.